About Me

I am an architecture-oriented technologist, entrepreneur, and a Web3.0 enthusiast. Over the past 14 years, I built, led, and mentored various engineering teams that developed products for the businesses I founded and consulted with. I am currently the VP of Application Development at Sentiance.

Co-founder and Head of Engineering of a SaaS networking platform, forEva, in 2016. Product architect at a San Fransisco-based meditation and well-being platform in 2017. Founded and managed a fully-remote product development studio, Pinelane, from 2016 to 2019. Founded a Bangalore-based development studio in 2011, grew the team to 20, exited in 2016. Employee #8 and headed the UI division of Atlantis Computing from 2007 to 2011.

Built and maintaining an open-source markdown blogging platform @prakashraman/notes -

I am a minimalist. Extremely bullish on Holochain and Solana. Fell in love with wine since we moved to Belgium. Lose control every month or so and go on a rampage of chocolate and cake. Monday evening therapeutic ritual of cooking Vietnamese Pho Ga.

phone: +32 489 904 728