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7 Tips on how to incorporate SDKs into your app

April 2nd 2022

App developers are always on the lookout for SDKs that best fit their applications. It could be to improve product quality, increase stability, or speed up application development. Whatever the reason, it has become quite the norm; just like how the common helper libraries (e.g momentjs) are included, SDKs (i.e libraries/frameworks that largely enhance your

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Connecting a Dapp to the Solana Network

February 23rd 2022

Let's assume for a bit we have an incredible idea for a Dapp (because its so easy to come up with great app ideas!). It's typical for a Dapp to interact with a blockchain. For this article let's consider a javascript Dapp that connects to the Solana network. Goal : Successfully fetch the user's Solana address. This article heavily uses the @solana-labs/walle

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Hosting my website on unstoppable domains

January 2nd 2022

Next, in my experiments of adopting more Web3 practices I looked into unstoppabledomains. Domain Registration I inferred that there is a solution in the works where the ownership of a domain would be stored on a blockchain; which sounded pretty cool! And I thought all my websites could be managed via domains purchased on this service. It was not quite that.

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I Moved My Website to IPFS

April 4th 2021

Until now my go-to cloud provider for static webapps were Netlify or Render (which internally deploys on AWS, GCP, etc) as it addressed my requirement from a infra/deployment toolchain element perfectly. Since the advent of blockchain solutions and interest and efforts towards Web3.0, it was only a matter of time before we would have solutions for deploying

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Why do I Write Test Cases?

March 18th 2021

Nowadays writing test cases has become more of a practice which doesn’t which is not supported by a strong reason. However even though most teams implement this practice, is seems slightly unfounded or is based on reasons not strong enough. Either way, it still contributes a huge value to software quality and software development. Test Suite Strategy The goa

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Flutter - Did it work out for me?

October 20th 2020

I have been building applications formally (professionally) since 2007. Although, I started application development in1995. I have seen the evolution of application development from basic PHP functions with raw SQL queries to sophisticated and mature frameworks (Angular, Vue.js, Flutter, Rails, etc) So, did Flutter work out for me? Yes! But why? We all have

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SEED - A Great Technology Backed by a Remarkable Team

May 13th 2020

Seed is a fully-managed-code pipeline for Serverless application. The front men of Seed Frank Wang and Jay V, and are backed by a very impressive board. Before we get to more on Seed, let us talk little about Serverless. Introducing PaaS, Serverless, and Lambda With Heroku, Beanstalk and other PaaS solutions out there, we now find parts of application develo

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